Friday, September 14, 2007

The Windy City Is Going To Blow Over Bean Town

I'm calling it right now. The Chicago Bulls will win the season series against the Boston Celtics. I don't care if they have Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, or Paul Pierce. These players have never been on a team where someone else was in the spotlight. There points per game averages last year come to a combined 71.9, and the average of that is 23.9 points per game. There is no way in hell that team basketball will be played in Boston. Somewhere along the season, one of these guys will get ball greedy, but then never know.

Paul Pierce missed 35 games last year due to injury and Ray Allen missed 27 games from injury, where as Kevin Garnett only missed 5 games. The aging veterans don't expect for good health to be on their side the whole season. There will never be a Cal Ripken Jr. of basketball. For crying out loud, the season hasn't even started and Portland already lost Greg Oden for the season due to anthroscopy and microfracture surgery on his knee. Boston is counting on a 32 year old KG, a 31 year old Allen, and a soon to be 30 year old Pierce. The average age of the Chicago Bulls is 25.1 years old. But it's okay because Boston acquired Bull-killer F James Posey, who can plow over any Bull on a fast break and get the occasional ejection.

I say the fresh legs of the Bulls and the all-around team play will be too much for the aging Celtics to keep with. I believe our front court defense will be key, and Kirk Hinrich will more than likely be designated to guard Ray Allen. The Bulls believe in that little word called "sharing". KG still has "MVP" ringing in his ears from almost 5 years ago. So before "championship" can be spoken by Boston once again, how about they just focus on on word: playoffs.

Here is a brief recap of a game from last year. Let's see what the Bulls do to the Celtics. Enjoy!


Jacob said...

Little scared of boston are you?? MUAHAHAHHA GOOD LUCK CHI-TOWN, have fun with your go to guy. ... hahahah wait you dont have one.

davemonsterband said...

Haha, MORON! First of all, the aging Celtics are 30 years old, not 32. That's not old, that in your prime. These guys can't fly like they used to but they're better basketball players than they've ever been.

The Bulls don't match up at all and no amount of tweener bush league defense is going to make up for the MASSIVE lack of star power. Yeah Ben Gordon and Luol Deng will be really good, but who cares, they won't be anywhere good enough this year? Okay, match up your best to their best. Deng and KG. Numbers two and three, I'd assume Gordon and Heinrich. Nope, not there either.

Your only argument here is that because they're superstars they won't share the ball and the limelight. Well, Charles, Hakeem and Drexler did it, Malone, Payton, Shaq and Kobe did it while they were healthy. And all three of the Celtics guys are much more reserved and better team players than those guys.

And as for benches it's pretty even because the C's will be going 8 or 9 deep in the playoffs and they're very good going only 9 deep. Wait till Charlie Bell or Dikembe come to town.

You're done son, you're done. I hope you enjoyed your 10 minutes in the sub spotlight, you're about to get wiped on the floor just like it was in the 80's.

KG or Deng, hahahahaha, gimme a break...

waitandsee said...

You Chicago fans are soooooo damn scared its hillarious

thewiseman said...

Wow, you guys are terrified of the Cs huh? By the way alot of people beat the celtics last year. The only thing that video proves is you are afraid of them, and rightfully so.

Brendan said...

Wow, I don't know if I've ever disagreed with every point made in a single post until now. Your entire argument of the Bulls beating the Celtics is based on their star players either getting too greedy or getting injured. What you fail to mention is that KG and Allen willingly accepted deals to Boston because they will do anything to win and Pierce could not have been happier with the job the front office did in acquiring the two other stars. All three will do whatever is necessary to win a ring as they already have enjoyed individual success. Personally, I don't think the Bulls and the Celtics will even develop a rivalry because when Chicago is finally ready to compete for a championship the three stars of the Celtics will be on the way out.

kukoc_fan4life said...

For all you...there is no doubt the Celtics have major all-star talent. The fact of the matter is that every year the Bulls get better. No post game...they still find a way. When Michael Jordan won his last three championships, the only real post presence they had was Luc Longley. That wasn't much either. Rodman was on the boards like he usually was. The Bulls will have one of, if not the best, defensive backcourts in the NBA. And granted they had stars, like Jordan and Pippen and Kukoc, they had played for years before. They knew each others' game. These Bulls have that advantage over the Celtics, not to mention a deeper bench. The Bulls last year had a knack for taking down the major franchises, such as the Spurs, Suns, Mavericks, and Heat. If the Celtics win another championship before the Bulls, then you can shut me up. But be careful what you say about the "baby Bulls" who swept the 2005-2006 champions, the Miami Heat, in the first round. They'll be full of surprises this year. So let the games begin...

Careolina said...

Just give up kukoc, the Bulls suck, and so do you.

davemonsterband said...

That conference champion Heat? Gimme a break. They were no where close to being the same team they were the year before.

What do you mean there was no post game in the MJ years? Horace Grant could ball and Wennington, Longley, Williams, etc. were all in the corner in the triangle knocking down open 12 footers, that does not compare to the current team.

The lack of star power is what kills the Bulls, nothing more. THAT is the issue, you can use team basketball to get deep but you need stars to win, superstars, and Ben Gordon and Luol Deng do not fall into that category. Tie game with 1 minute left, the C's have Pierce and Ray Allen, you have no hope. And even if you did, then you have to find a way to beat the Spurs or the Mavs in a 7 game series minus home court advantage.

The Celtics and the Pistons are the only teams that can win against the West, the Bulls are upper tier footnotes that will be consistent 50 game winners but nothing more. Congratulations, you're the next Indiana Pacers. You won't agree with me, but time will prove that I'm right.

cosmic schefter said...

not to pile on, but trying to make garnet out to be selfish is just absurd. allen and peirce's games fit so well w/his too - you got yr shooter, yr slasher and yr big man.

it should also be mentioned that pierce and allen both pretty much admitted that they couldve played a lot earlier if their teams wernt tanking last year. so those injury stats are inflated.

kukoc_fan4life said...

"He followed up this stellar season with an injury riddled 06-07 campaign that saw him miss the first significant stretch of games in his career, due to a stress reaction in his foot. In spite of this injury, he still managed to put up his usual stellar numbers in the 47 games he saw action in."

"On January 12, 2007, Allen scored a career-high 54 points against the Utah Jazz in a 122-114 overtime win, the second most in Sonics history. Fred Brown scored 58 points for Seattle in 1974.[3] Allen, who has missed games during the 2006-07 NBA season due to ankle soreness, has had ankle surgery and missed the rest of the season."

It may be wikipedia, but it's a source. I have mine. You show me your source,cosmic schefter.

greg kite said...

Soundds like KG envy over in Chicago. Too bad the Bulls never had a chance to get Garnett, oh, wait, they did!

Well, at least they used PJ Brown's contract to get someone else that was good. Oh, wait, they didn't!!

Go Celtics!!!!